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Horror Hospital 1: A Scary Adventure Game APK with an Impressive Scenario

Forsaken Hospital APK is a new game that fans of the horror series cannot miss. You have 3 days to find a way to escape from the ghost hospital, find the tools available and find a way to solve difficult puzzles. Can you survive?

Besides, the game context is meticulously built with many realistic scenes in the hospital. The light is darkened in combination with gloomy colors, making an important contribution to creating the vividness of the game scene. In addition, the sound is also an indispensable element to highlight the horror experience of the game.

horror hospital 1 apk

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Forsaken Hospital will make horror game fans happy. It has the best elements to make the horror experience come to life on the phone. You can roleplay the character in the first person and explore the surreal 3D game scene. Besides, the puzzles are also very interesting to explore. Attention, the doctor can be behind you at any time. The best solution is to run in the opposite direction.

As per Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis's PEGI, it is a game intended for ages 12+, but it should be noted that it is still a horror game. The more squeamish should be aware that there are jumpscares and other horror elements.

You wake up in an unknown place and the last thing you remember is being kidnapped. But something has happened in that strange place, something out of the ordinary ... something dangerous. You must discover the way to escape.Explore a big dark area: secret buildings, a horror hospital, mysterious labs and creepy rooms, all this scares goosebumps.Solve puzzles and search, collect and use items in order to escape from that horror place and a scary monster.Do not make loud noise and be careful because the monster might see or hear you! It kills everyone who gets in its way!Escape with your friends in online multiplayer mode!If you like scary adventure escape experiences, Specimen Zero - Online horror is the game for you!Notes: -To connect with friends make sure you all use the same version of the game and have selected the same Region in the multiplayer menu.-It's recommend playing with headphones on.I am an independent developer striving to create good games. I enjoy improving this game and hope you enjoy exploring it.If you know how to improve this multiplayer horror game - just leave me your feedback at [email protected]

Horror game genres are indispensable spiritual food in life. Specimen Zero is a fantastic product made by Café Studio. They were bringing horror and fear to those who want to test their limits. Experience amazing 3D graphics and sharp details. Smooth movements and dark and mysterious scenes give your gameplay a certain depth. The sound of everything around will startle you.

We need to make the most of our senses as much as possible. The hospital is divided into many different roads, and you can follow the signs to follow. There were also many rooms around that contained essential items. You can go around and collect what you need. Remember to pay close attention to the hidden corners. This is like a game that someone has set up to watch you wrestle with it. There are two types of monsters you can see on your move. A variety without arms and legs, less dangerous but great damage. The other type can move flexibly combined with the use of sharp claws.


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